Riverview Supermarket
Riverview Supermarket
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Meat Market

Riverview offers the freshest produces at reasonable prices. We take pride in the quality of our meat. Our meats are USDA approved, so you are assured that you are getting high quality meats from us. We are confident that our meats taste great as our animals are well taken care of. We are very careful about how we handle the meat we sell. Our meat lab meets all USDA standards for safety and sanitation, so you can have peace of mind knowing that what you are getting from us is safe for consumption.

We receive our variety of fresh meat every day. Meats are delivered directly to our facility. With our short receiving and processing system, we’re able to maintain the freshness of the meats we receive. Our meat doesn’t contain any preservatives or hormone. We occasionally purchase meat from other suppliers that meet our safety and quality standards. Here at Riverview, you’re assured to get only high quality meats.