Riverview Supermarket
Riverview Supermarket
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Due to our current situation, we have adapted our store to fit  the needs of the community. We are aware of that health is a top priority today and we want to facilitate the process of getting our customers the food they need. 

We created ‘Riverview Curbside’ to better serve our customers. Our customers will be able to make an order by phone and have the ability to pick up their groceries curbside. The customer will be able to pay at the convenience of their vehicle without the need to walk into our store. We will have a time frame to pick up their groceries, 9 am to 6pm. Our customers will be able to start making their orders at 8 am.

With these simple steps our customers will be able to pick up their order:

After placing your order by phone, locate the parking spots designated for curbside pickup at our parking lot at the given time. Call the number indicated on the sign to let us know you’ve arrived and we’ll load your groceries straight into your car! You will be able to complete payment curbside.